Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Healing and Counseling With a Specialty in Animal Communication

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Teacher Testimonial

Tracy Lynn is a deeply intuitive and passionate individual.  She is empathic with an ability to sense and move energy.  In other words she is an energy healer, medical intuitive and counsellor.

Tracy Lynn took both my healing and clairvoyant programs to develop her innate ability.  Treat yourself to a session with Tracy Lynn.  It is an amazing experience to shift from imbalance to harmony.  Allow yourself to receive this wonderful gift.

- Padma (

Client Testimonials

I had a reading with Tracy in early 2016. When she started reading, I knew she was the real deal. She brought up people from my past and actually described what they looked like physically and their personalities, their energy and connection to me. If that wasn’t enough, she then spoke of things that I fully felt at the time could never be true and would never happen because they seemed much too far reached. When I challenged her, she held her ground in her sight. I walked out feeling lighter than when I walked in within the knowledge I’d gained, but still held that she must have seen something coming from some other energy that wasn’t attached to me and that she had erred in the specifics of part of her reading. As time passed, everything she stated in the prediction that I had denied, happened. I remember being completely taken aback and thinking of her when I found out these things. It was all I needed to know that her gift was not only real but that she trusted her sight and didn’t doubt her readings. There is something to be said about challenging a seer and having them stick to their visions. It speaks of someone who is grounded in their truth and that to me is immense in nature. I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to as well as going back.

- Lucas S.


What I love about sessions with Tracy, is her uncanny ability to see what is happening in my life without much information. More often than not she has more insight sometimes than I do. It always comes as such a relief, when after each issue we speak about, she then gives me an energy healing.  I generally walk away from our sessions feeling light and lovely.  I also really appreciate that she stays present and does not predict the future. If you are looking for a healer who is really down to earth, honest, practical and funny, then Tracy is it!

- Laura W.


Tracy has an incredible gift. Her compassion and intuition has eased me through many difficult life moments, with ultimate clarity. Those who know her are truly lucky to be touched by her energy.

- Melissa O. 


Tracy has a powerful gift. She was instrumental in my getting ‘unstuck’ in my life. Her insight and ability to help is amazing. During my session with her, she immediately honed in on what was an issue in my life and she did some potent work on those problems. After the session, I felt lighter and more calm than I had in months. Those feelings carried through the following weeks as my life began to transform for the better! And to top it off, she is down-to-earth, easy to talk to and made me feel totally comfortable during our session. I can highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking to change their life for the better!

- Julia B.