Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Healing and Counseling With a Specialty in Animal Communication

(647) 972-1381

Tracy Lynn offers 1 hour sessions in person (Toronto, Canada) and worldwide via Skype, FaceTime and phone.

To book a session, event or retreat please get in touch via the Contact page.


I am a seer and healer working to unburden you of unwanted energy so you can move forward without the weight of the past or with the cords from others pulling you in unwanted directions.

Within a session I provide an intuitive reading of your past and present and do energy work to remove any blocks or issues that may arise. I address your personal questions and can communicate with your pets and with those who have passed on.

I may receive messages for you pertaining to your future and will share those with you, however I primarily read the past and present and refrain from fortune telling, as we create our own destiny and can change what is to come at any given moment.
Just by receiving energy work major shifts can occur and change your path.

I read without a crystal ball and without judgement.